LED lights can also be installed on shoes

A few days ago, Sony PlayStation announced that it teamed up with NBA star Paul George and Nike to create a PS-themed basketball shoe—Nike PG-2 PlayStation Colorway.

It can also be seen from the name that this Nike shoe that incorporates the PS theme has the button elements of the PS4 handle on the side, and the PlayStation logo with the LED light source on the tongue. It supports three display modes, which can be turned on and off, which is very dazzling. cool. There is also an exchange code that can be exchanged for the Paul George PS4 theme behind the left shoe.

In addition to PS elements, the shoe itself uses Nike’s signature ZOOM AIRBAG air cushion, and the bottom is designed with a rubber outsole, which has better durability and multi-site adaptability.

Paul George said that his father bought him a PS2 console for Christmas when he was a child; and Nike sneakers were a dream version of him when he was a child. Now, he finally has the chance to combine two of his favorite things into one sneaker with a lot of personality.

It is reported that this Nike PG-2 PlayStation Colorway will be officially released on February 10.

LED light source uniforms to ensure the safety of traffic police

On the road full of traffic, the traffic police and officers on duty are in a high degree of danger. In order to ensure the safety of the traffic police, the Kolkata police in India have recently changed their uniforms, using uniforms equipped with LED light sources to allow driving at night or during rain and fog. It is easier to notice people directing traffic in the road.

A senior official of the traffic police in Kolkata, India, said that the uniforms equipped with LEDs can keep traffic police safe during the dark hours and reduce the risk of traffic accidents. These devices have been launched locally a year ago, and can ensure the safety of on-duty personnel during periods of fog or smog.

The designer installed a ring light consisting of red LEDs and blue LEDs on the shoulder straps. At present, the Indian military has 1,000 pieces. In order to enhance the safety of traffic police, 3,000 pieces will be distributed to traffic team personnel in the future. And because the LED lights will continue to flash, the police can be found as far as 500 meters away, which can remind the driver to control the speed while protecting the police.

Previously, an Indian soldier lost his legs in a car accident with a bus while on duty at night. This incident made the police pay attention to the safety of the officers on duty again. A sergeant said the safety of traffic police and night duty personnel was always a concern. The gear makes them feel safer, especially during the winter months, when the more prominent white uniforms go unnoticed due to the dark blue coats.

Whether it is for safety or aesthetics, LED uniforms can attract the attention of others. In 2016, the British easyJet Airlines also added Media Façade LED Curtain lights to the uniforms of flight attendants, which can be used as billboards and display flights, destinations and other information. Data, in an emergency, can also be used as a human figure lighting.

The uniforms of the company’s ground staff and maintenance personnel are equipped with more LED light sources, and engineers can participate in inspection operations without flashlights. The uniforms are also equipped with air quality measuring devices, barometers and cameras, which can simultaneously transmit images For others, airlines can respond more quickly when faced with a situation

LED mask that glows with music

A few days ago, the start-up company Outline Montréal has developed a series of LED masks, which have many cool functions, the most impressive of which is its hearing ability. When ambient sounds are detected (such as loud electronic music), the color, brightness and strobe mode of the mask will change accordingly.

The glowing power of these LED masks is achieved through the cooperation of phosphor inks and regulators. Phosphor ink is a material with extremely low energy consumption, no heat generation and brilliant light effect. It is also the material chosen by many watches to light up the dial.

In use, the modulator transforms the sound waves into different lighting effects. This regulator is driven by a lithium battery, but the weight and volume are very small, and it will not cause too much burden to wear.

LED lights can also be embedded in the road as a zebra crossing

A new LED light traffic system embedded in the road has been put into trial in London, which can detect pedestrians and other vehicles, and change road lights and pipeline signs in real time according to road conditions to alert drivers of possible dangers. Especially when pedestrians or bicycles appear in the driver’s blind spot, the road surface will display a red light warning.

The new pavement embedded with LED lights was jointly developed by British company Umbrellium and car insurer Direct Line. In addition to the embedded LED road surface, this system also includes high-definition cameras to capture pedestrian and vehicle information, and the auxiliary system makes real-time feedback.

Zebra crossing and road safety have always been an important and complex part of the public transportation system, but from the rudiment of zebra crossing design in the 1940s to today’s highly developed traffic, the way people cross the road has not changed much. The increase in traffic accidents makes perfecting the zebra crossing and pedestrian traffic system a necessary consideration in the design of future smart cities.